Building brands
that work hard for you.

How we work


We build or buy brands that are focused on the small business community


We look for iconic, business focused companies with a proven track record


We integrate all our brands into our shared business technology platform and watch them grow

UnityLab specializes in building and buying small business brands that work hard for small businesses. We build brands to fulfill unmet customer needs and acquire iconic brands with passionate customers and proven track record. Once they are part of the UnityLab family, we enhance their overall ownership experience by integrating them into our shared business technology and business services platform. Every brand that becomes part of UnityLab benefits from a team with decades of expertise, to take them to the next level. 

We’ve implemented our strategy across a portfolio of small business brands from commercial laundry equipment to industrial steam generators, presses, and boilers. But no matter the market, our brands all share three things:

  • Passion to help all entrepreneurs become more successful and achieve a greater work/life balance
  • Focus to make commercial grade products that are affordable and deliver great value to small enterprises,
  • Opportunity for UnityLab to create a growing, positive impact in our community.

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